The Last Wave is a love story to the sea.

When Martha fell off the pier in Dover, aged eight, she had no idea how it would come to shape and define her. The sea becomes the place where she first proves herself, where she demonstrates that she is remarkable, that she can make the ordinary extraordinary, where she makes her first attempt to swim the Channel.

A constant companion, the sea moves in and out of view, from the 1940s to present day, from Martha’s first accidental baptism, to her last wet.

The sea is an escape from Martha's responsibilities as a wife and mother, causing her to question her marriage, her home, and the choices she makes. The sea creates distance, separating her from her husband and children. Yet, it consoles her when she is diagnosed with cancer, and comforts her when dementia unravels her husband's mind. The sea is also a bridge, connecting her with the granddaughter she almost didn't meet.

The Last Wave is available Spring 2017 from Freight Books